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I don't know if they would really count as recurring dreams or not. I tend to have a couple of dreams a month about a certain person, but the dreams themselves are always different. As for whether they're good dreams or nightmares, well that depends on my current feelings for that person, I guess.

The first dream I had about this person was a year and about four months ago. That dream was how I figured out that I liked this person. Of course it took me several months to accept the dream, so I always referred to it as a nightmare. Of course, considering how freaked out I was even in the dream, I guess it can count as a nightmare. I took me until the night of the lock-in, last August, to finally come to terms with what that dream had been telling me. The funny thing is how some things that happened in August kind of matched what happened in the dream after the part that freaked me out so bad.

Then, in later in August, after I'd talked to the person I like, I started dreaming about them with some slight frequency. In September, after this person said something that hurt my feelings, and then I didn't see them for the next five weeks, the dreams got very frequent for that five week period. I think I dreamed about the person at least once a week. After I saw them again, and was no longer upset about what they had said, the dreams started occuring once or twice a month, which was actually a nice change from a least one a week.


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