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I thought I would do a survey of some of the fandoms I'm in, just to kind of give my opinions of various things. In this post, I will start with four fandoms: Les Miserables, the Mithgar books, Angel, and the A&E Hornblower movies.

Fandom: Les Miserables
Media: Book, Movies, Musical
Favorite character(s): Enjolras
Least favorite character(s): I don't think some random guy from the French army counts. Um, I would probably say the Thenardiers.
Favorite part(s): I like the song "Do You Hear the People Sing?" In the book I like when they show discussions that take place at the Cafe Musain. And I like the two speechs that Enjolras gives during the barricade chapters.
Hardest part to read/watch: Enjolras' death. The first time I read about it, I literally got sick, and to this day, I can't figure out why.
Favorite quote: From the musical: "And remember the truth that once was spoken/To love another person is to see the face of God." From the book: the two speechs I mentioned in answer to the previous. I couldn't find just one quote.
Favorite fanfiction: I haven't read a lot of Les Miserables fanfiction that I really like. Two that I can think of though are the story "Christmas With My Brother" by Abby Goutal, and a story that ressurrects all the characters in modern day Toronto.

Fandom: Mithgar books by Dennis McKiernan
Media: books
Favorite character(s): Aravan, Gildor, and Vanidor
Least favorite character(s): Any of the villains.
Favorite part(s): I like Eye of the Hunter and Silver Wolf, Black Falcon. Oh, and I like the philosophical discussions in some of the books, like the ones in Voyage of the Fox Rider about the nature of evil, and also the ethics of dreamwalking.
Hardest part(s) to read/watch: I have trouble reading the end of Voyage of the Fox Rider, because I know how hard that was on my favorite character. However, I don't have any difficulty reading any parts of The Iron Tower. I just accept that happened in Shadows of Doom was necessary, and then make up a/u stories.
Favorite quote: "Many things lie somewhere, lost in the wreckage of war . . . innocence not the least of them." from Into the Fire
Favorite fanfiction: There is no fanfiction for this series, except my Crusaders stories and some very a/u stories by [ profile] flowerseternal

Fandom: Angel
Media: TV show
Favorite character(s): Doyle and Wesley
Least favorite character(s): Holtz, Justine, Connor (as a teenager), Cordelia (late third season and entire fourth), and Sahjahn
Favorite part(s): I like the fourth season episode "Sacrifice." And I like most of the first season. Oh, and I like "Loyality" or at least the infamous hamburger scene. It's not everyday I get to see my favorite character get zapped by a hamburger.
Hardest part(s) to read/watch: "Sleep Tight" definitely. Parts of "Forgiving." The episode "Billy" after Wesley got affected by Billy's blood. The end of "Heroes" sometimes, the rest of the time I like that scene, because I am glad that one of my favorite characters died a hero.
Favorite quote: "The green cart-like vehicle eats . . . I am not a buckethead." from the fourth season episode "Players." Don't ask.
Favorite fanfiction: The Children of Hyperion, The Breath of Life, Consequences, Return, and Home For Christmas by DubDub. "The Epiphany series" by [ profile] thebratqueen, and Wesley's Torment by [ profile] sierrablue.

Fandom: Hornblower
Media: Made for tv movies, and books that the movies are based on
Favorite character(s): Archie Kennedy
Least favorite character(s): In this case it should say most hated character and the answer would be Jack Simpson. There are other characters I don't like as well, such as Sawyer. I don't like Ortega for obvious reasons. (Obvious to anyone who's seen all the movies). That's really all I'll admit to at the moment, since any other answers to this question would be too complicated to explain.
Favorite part(s): I like the sickroom scene in "The Duchess and the Devil." And I like some parts of "The Wrong War." I don't really have any favorite parts, though.
Hardest part(s) to watch/read: Well, any parts of the books, since Archie isn't in them. Seriously, my answer here would be the end of "Retribution" and some parts of "The Duel." I don't watch "The Fireships", "Loyalty, and "Duty" very often, but they're not really hard for me to watch. In fact, the first time I watched "The Fireships" I really enjoyed it.
Favorite quote: The answer to this question can be found hereand contains spoilers.
Favorite fanfiction: A Deep but Dazzling Darkness part 1 and part 2 by Sarah B, Going Home Prologueand Part One by Tracy J, The Holly and the Ivy by Joan C, The Life Laid Down by Sarah B, Ransom by Jan L, Parenthetical by Cimmerian Willow, The Surgeon's Art by Azarad, Family Reunion by Krystine, and The Ties that Bind by fluteface.


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