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This the sequel to Caravan Crusaders and and the Silver Quarrel. For anyone who is actually reading these stories, I will still be posting The Fellowship of the Gems, which can be found complete on

The Black Void Chapter One: The Lost Coron )
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Disclaimer: I don't any characters except for Kristian, Cordelia, Derek, Lothiniel, and Joich, but it will be a while before any of them enter the story. This story primarily a Lord of the Rings fanfiction story, but there are some characters and concepts borrowed from other sources; such as the Herald books by Mercedes Lackey, the Dragaera books by Steve Brust, and Star Wars. This is also the novelization is a roleplaying game, so a lot of original characters were created by the other people in the game.

The Fellowships of the Gems Foward-Chapter 3 )
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The Silver Quarrel Chapter 25-Epilogue )

Note: The epilogue has been changed from the original epilogue to this story, so that it would fit in with a story I am currently writing. The next story I will post will be the Tale of the Anachron, but I might wait a little while for that. I am currently in the process of moving, so I might wait until I am settled before starting another story.
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The Silver Quarrel Chapters 16-18 )

Note: Some of what is this section might be familiar from the Prophecy. The kingdom of Gelan that is mentioned briefly is the creation of my friend Michelle. More about it in this particular series of stories will be revealed when I get around to posting the "Legacy of the Anachron". This section was changed from the original version of this story, to match the new version of Kaelea's past.
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This is the sequel to Caravan Crusaders. The disclaimer is the same as in the previous story.

The Silver Quarrel Chapters 1-3 )
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Title: My Little Girl

Disclaimer: The characters of Gildor and Vanidor are from the Mithgar books by Dennis McKiernan. Most of the other characters are originally from various online roleplaying games. The children are all characters that I created. The song lyrics are from the song "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw.

Summary: Some scenes from Althea's life as she grows up, as seen from her father's point of view.

My Little Girl )
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The Prophecy Epilogue )

I know it ends kind of suddenly, but Michelle and I wanted to focus on a couple of original novels we were writing at the time. I am writing some short stories in the Prophecyverse, and some might fill in the gap here.

Endnotes )
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