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Disclaimer: I don't any characters except for Kristian, Cordelia, Derek, Lothiniel, and Joich, but it will be a while before any of them enter the story. This story primarily a Lord of the Rings fanfiction story, but there are some characters and concepts borrowed from other sources; such as the Herald books by Mercedes Lackey, the Dragaera books by Steve Brust, and Star Wars. This is also the novelization is a roleplaying game, so a lot of original characters were created by the other people in the game.

The Fellowships of the Gems Foward-Chapter 3 )
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The Prophecy Epilogue )

I know it ends kind of suddenly, but Michelle and I wanted to focus on a couple of original novels we were writing at the time. I am writing some short stories in the Prophecyverse, and some might fill in the gap here.

Endnotes )
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The Prophecy Chapter Twenty-Three: Love )
And no, posting this chapter on Valentine's Day was not planned in advance. This chapter was supposed to have been posted on Monday. And an additional disclaimer: the words used in the wedding ceremony are taken from one of the Mithgar books. (I can't remember if it's the version from Eye of the Hunter or Into the Fire, but I borrowed the ceremony from one of those books.)
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Disclaimer: In addition to what I have already, there is some additional stuff for this chapter. There is some dialogue based on the song "Only Love" from the Scarlet Pimpernel soundtrack. There is also some stuff introduced in this chapter that was inspired by Charmed. Some of the spells used in this chapter are borrowed from the Harry Potter books. And Silvanesti is from the Dragon Lance books.

The Prophecy Chapter Twenty-One: The True Prophecy )
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This chapter picks up several months after chapter nineteen, after the groups have all arrived in Magia. In the version that I divided up for printing this chapter marks the beginning of the second volume.

The Prophecy Chapter Twenty: Magia )
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Disclaimer: There is some dialogue towards the end of this chapter that is based on the lyrics of the song "It Is You I Have Loved" by Dana Glover.

The Prophecy Chapter Nineteen: Travel and Discoveries )
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